IMG-20150210-WA0002Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre’s occupational therapists use meaningful activities in order to assess and treat their clients.   “Meaningful activities are those activities which are appropriate to the client’s interests, gender, culture, chronological age, developmental age, roles and needs,” says Laetitia Goosen, the Deputy Manager of Rand Aid Association’s Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre.

Activities such as baking require the client, amongst other things, to understand and follow through the steps of a task (graded to the appropriate complexity for the client), use their concrete cognitive skills (such as judgement, decision making and problem solving skills) and to implement the appropriate delay of gratification needed to ensure a high-quality end-product. “In addition to this, the sweet, successful and tasty end products of baking feed constructively into the client’s feedback system in order to stimulate positive feelings of achievement and this will improve the client’s feelings of self efficacy and overall self esteem,” she says. Pictured are Ariella Odes, a fourth-year Wits student (BSc – OT) and Eugene le Fevre, long-term patient at Wedge Gardens.

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