DSC05453 (640x360)Ron Smith Care Centre resident Ernesto Scotti passed away on June 18 and his family has now established a memorial garden in the expansive grounds of the care centre where he spent the last two years of his life.

Son Fabio Scotti (left), wife Marisa Scotti (middle), daughter Daniela Scotti (right) and Fabrizio Capello (back) will be able to visit the Rand Aid Association care centre whenever they feel the need to sit and reflect on the man who was so pivotal in their lives. “We wanted to create a place where people can sit amongst the roses, for us certainly in memory of Dad, but also for any residents, staff, volunteers or visitors who are in need of a little rest, stillness or reflection. The grounds at Elphin Lodge and Ron Smith Care Centre certainly provided that for us during Dad’s time there – he often commented on how beautiful they are and this is just our little contribution in memoriam and in gratitude,” says Daniela.