Vodafone back on board with Z-CARD® Turkey

VodacomVodafone, one of the three gsm operators in Turkey and the second biggest in the country, is again using the Z-CARD® to communicate with its target audience about its products monthly.

“Each month we produce a new Z-CARD® for Vodafone, which contains a list of their products and prices for that month,” says Hanife Yüksel from Z-CARD® Turkey, part of the Z-CARD® Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI) stable.

“Our client has received very positive feedback about the Z-CARD®s from their Vodafone shops and we have now received other orders from the company as a result,” she adds.

Vodafone enjoyed a successful relationship with Z-CARD® Turkey in the past. “We are excited to have this client back on board with us!”

Issued by: Allycats Public Relations