chef ducklingsWhimsical Whippet, importers of the luxury Pintail range of candles, has acquired the exclusive rights to market Shearer Candles in South Africa.

Produced in Scotland for over a century, the New Couture and New Highland ranges of Shearer Candles will be introduced to domestic retailers at SARCDA Christmas 2015, the popular retail gift, toy and decor design trade exhibition that takes place at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand from August 20 to 23.


“Within the New Couture range there are fabulous summer fragrances as well as warmer fragrances for Christmas,” says the Whimsical Whippet’s Kym Grimsley, adding that Shearer Candles’ Highland Collection with scents of fresh citrus, moss, green leaf, white heather, sweet highland honey and juniper berry will make great gifts, especially for men.

Shearer Candles has a remarkable history; founded in 1897 on the outskirts of Glasgow, it is the UK’s longest established lifestyle candle company. Over a century later, Shearer Candles prides itself on delivering high quality candles that contain only the finest ingredients. Wax is sourced from across Europe and the scents from France and the United States. All raw materials used are certified to the highest standard.

“Perfection takes time. A new product will take at least six months to be properly developed. Each candle has its own recipe that takes into account the reactions between shapes, waxes and scents, and Shearer Candles say their inspiration comes from the colours, forms and fragrances found in the distinctive Scottish landscape,” shares Kym.

Kym and business partner Karen Markgraaf hope their Scottish find delights South African consumers as much as the Pintail collection has. Produced in the Lakes District in the United Kingdom, Pintail candles and diffusers were introduced to South Africa at the March SARCDA, and have since found their way onto the shelves of a number of retailers around the country, and consequently into scores of homes.

“We are also importing a selection of special Christmas-themed Pintail candles, with wonderful notes of cinnamon, mulled wine, mistletoe, spiced plum and warm gingerbread),” says Kym, stressing that domestically there are very few candles that offer superb quality as well as subtle yet sophisticated fragrances.

Also being imported through the Whimsical Whippet in time for Christmas is an assortment of divine ducks from the Duck Company in the UK. “Hand carved from bamboo root, no two ducks are ever quite the same. Each one has its own character and name! They make perfect presents,” says Karen.

Visit the Whimsical Whippet Facebook page or website:, or contact Kym at 082 492 0843 or Karen at 083 6018240.

Issued by:  Allycats Public Relations