Hamper reward acknowledges that rehab is no picnic

Manana 048 (640x532)Getting clean is a reward in itself for substance abusers, but a monthly incentive scheme at Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre is helping those undergoing rehabilitation to stay the course. 

The Rand Aid Association centre was given a beautiful wicker picnic basket as a donation and this is now the ‘floating trophy’ that is awarded each month to the resident who best complies with his treatment programme.

“We fill the basket with goodies to suit the winner’s needs, be it picnic-type treats or even essentials,” says Wedge Gardens Manager Adél Grobbelaar.

The ‘Patient of the Month’ must have attended all individual therapy sessions and worked hard in therapy; attended all lectures and group meetings; all fellowship meetings e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; and must have worked hard on his chores and gone above the call of duty.

“The January winner’s hamper was filled with crisps, chocolate and biscuits. Although he cannot be named because of confidentiality issues, he has earned the nickname ‘Mr Recovery’ from fellow residents,” says Grobbelaar.