Tim Plewman’s Gym and Tonic at the Casterbridge Barnyard Theatre

Tim Plewman Comedy ShowDon’t miss Gym and Tonic, the new one-act comedy by Tim Plewman, at the Casterbridge Barnyard Theatre on 12 and 13 August at 20h00.

Inspired by his best-selling book, “Fitness For Old Farts”, Tim Plewman brings you his hysterical new comedy, “Gym and Tonic: The Memory of an Old Muscle”.

After the death of yet another friend in his 50s, Tim and his mates decide to form the ‘Fitness for Old Farts Club”.   Tim, Paul and Mick, being the founding members, sign a pledge to get into shape and live healthier lives. The result is a hysterical, laugh a minute comedy.

“Gym and Tonic” takes you through the escapades of these three friends battling their middle-age spread as well as their preconceived ideas, fears and each other. The intrepid trio bench press, crunch and squat their way through gym, life and love to hilarious ends.

More than a comedy, this play will tug at the heartstrings of people of all ages and inspire all of those who find themselves standing in front of a mirror and wondering what the hell happened, to face this hurdle with unwavering courage and a twinkle in the eye.

Book your tickets now by calling 079 420 3245. Tickets cost R150