Mama Mia, what a party!

The staff and residents at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre, particularly those on the Woodlands wing, were excited for weeks as they planned and prepared for an Italian-themed Happy Hour for the entire care centre on November 15.

The dining room venue was gaily decorated in green, white and red (the colours of the Italian flag) and guests were invited to wear the same colours, which were very bright and colourful. Each table was decorated with a tin centrepiece which was filled with a paper flower fan with a cheerful, moustached Italian chef in its centre holding a big pizza, the Italian flag, red and green flowers and some raw spaghetti!

These unique creations were made by the residents and staff in the OT Activity Centre.  On the menu were home-made pizza, sausage rolls, themed cupcakes (also made by the residents and staff) and Sangria, light white wine or non-alcoholic punch.

The residents were divided into five teams: Teams Spaghetti, Macaroni, Ravioli, Cannelloni and Lasagne and participated in a memory and colouring-in challenge.

The quickest team to complete the challenge correctly won the prize. Team Lasagne took the honours! The best dressed female resident prize was awarded to Sylvia Dale from Woodlands; the best dressed male resident was Enzo Merolla from River Lodge 1 and the best dressed staff person was Hilda Mabaso – housekeeping supervisor.

The highlight of the evening, however, was the musical skit performed by some of the care centre staff. They acted out the lyrics to a piece of music entitled, “Home to Mama” which is an upbeat light-hearted song about a handsome young Italian man who travels the world, searching for a wife. Along the way, he encounters a Spanish girl (full of fire!), a French girl (ooh-la-la!), an English girl (pretty but shy) and Lorna from California (really wild!). There’s a problem, however, he simply can’t decide whom to marry – they are all beautiful. What should he do? He comes up with a brilliant solution. He will take them home to his Italian Mama and let her choose his bride.

The staff gave a lively, hilarious performance which had the audience laughing, singing, clapping and cheering. Mama Mia, what a happy, joyful time was had by all!