Candy the life snatcher

Thando Bam’s life crumbled because of substance abuse.

The 31-year-old-man from Malvern, Johannesburg, is undergoing treatment at Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens, where he is being taught to address the causes of his abuse issues and being empowered to move forward positively once he leaves Wedge Gardens.

Residents of the treatment centre use many outlets to deal with their feelings and the impact drug or alcohol abuse has had on them.

Thando recently penned a hard-hitting poem which he would like to share in the hopes of reaching people caught in the grip of abuse and as a warning to others to tread carefully.

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She wants to lead me to my mother

God rest her precious soul

Walking down a dodgy and dark alley

Three white lines lead my path to heaven

Seeking an unattainable high

She promises a hell of a night

Eyes closed

Lights bright

She lifts me off my feet

And has me wandering like a mad man


I own the streets

Indebted to street corners

I owe the streets

I call her ‘Candy’ but she’s not so sweet

Seated in a room full of laughter yet I’m all alone in my turmoil

She’s never been known to be loyal

She finds her pleasure from stripping me naked

Not in private but publicly for all to see my shame

Her pelvis against my groin comes at a price

Of which I cannot always afford

But what I consciously forget to tell you is that she is the lover

who was intended to be my one night stand.

By Thando Bam