GO GEORGE, a scheduled public bus service for the George community, has again selected a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Z-CARD® to use as a timetable pocket guide which contains crucial information for passengers to enable them to plan their trip.

GO GEORGE is a first for a municipality the size of George, and was made possible by a partnership between national government, the Western Cape Provincial Government and the George Municipality.

“It is the only public bus service in South Africa with a fully accessible bus fleet, which is designed to accommodate people with various special needs,” says Chantel Edwards-Klose, the George Municipality’s Communications Manager.

“Being reliable, accessible, affordable and safe, and connecting all areas of town, this public transport network is making an enormous difference in the quality of life of the entire community,” she adds.

The pocket guide Z-CARD® is being distributed at bus stops and on buses, by passenger support staff; at the information kiosk at the George Transport Hub; at hospitality establishments, like guesthouses and holiday resorts; and at businesses, where many employees use the bus service.

“The feedback that we have received about the Z-CARD® pocket guide has been overwhelmingly positive, because it eliminates uncertainty and confusion and empowers passengers to plan their day,” says Edwards-Klose.

“The Z-CARD® format allows space for a vast amount of information, including a complete system map and timetables for all of our bus routes, plus some operational information about using the system. Not all of our passengers have access to electronic media, so we needed a product that they can fold up and fit into a pocket or handbag, keeping it on hand as an easy reference tool.

“We encourage passengers to keep the pocket guide with them at all times so we chose the hard front and back cover to protect the guide and keep it tidy. This has worked exceptionally well.”

GO GEORGE introduced the Z-CARD® a year ago, as soon as the initial phases of the new bus service had stabilised enough to justify the cost of printed timetables.

For more information about GO GEORGE, visit www.gogeorge.org.za, call the customer care line at 0800 044 044 and like the Facebook page.

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PocketMedia® Solutions offers clients a range of opportunities to get their message across in an effective, interesting, compact and unusual way. PocketMedia® breaks through the usual marketing clutter by providing complex information in a concise, accessible form which is designed to be carried “on person”. For example, the Z-CARD® and other PocketMedia® applications are a great alternative to traditional printed media and are available in a range of sizes and formats. Visit www.zcard.co.za for more information.