A Z-CARD® effectively positions Mashmo Land Investment Private Limited in Zimbabwe

Mashmo Land Investment Private Limited, a preferred and respectable property developer in Zimbabwe, selected a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Z-CARD® as the ideal marketing medium to create brand awareness and ensure visibility.

“The Z-CARD® is critical to gaining brand visibility, acquiring prospects and helping to drive the sales and marketing efforts for our company,” says Mashmo Land Investment Pvt (Ltd)’s Chief Executive Officer Robson Vunganai.

“It is a great marketing tool that has massive impact for brand awareness and social media visibility, and is a great platform to begin dialogue with potential clients and stakeholders,” he adds.

Mashmo Land Investment Private Limited’s Z-CARD® aims to educate potential clients and stakeholders about the company and provide key updates, tips and advice.

“The Z-CARD®s, which also demonstrates our knowledge in the industry and positions the company as an expert in our field, was handed out at a recent exhibition,” says Vunganai.

Mashmo Land Investment Private Limited is a progressive property developer that prides itself on its passion and commitment to deliver superior value in the design and quality of its developments. As such, its Eastdale cluster houses in Daylesford, Gweru, are the first of their kind.

“Buyers get to own a three-bedroom cluster house, in upmarket Daylesford, on terms that they cannot afford to ignore. It’s a walled and gated complex with a 24-hour guard service, and is one of the safest in the area,” says Vunganai.

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