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Wear silver in support of International Overdose Day

International Overdose Day is marked globally on August 31, 2017.

The annual campaign is close to the heart of Wedge Gardens’ team. The Rand Aid substance abuse centre in Whitney Gardens, Johannesburg, knows all too well how easily drug addiction can lead to death. Continue reading Wear silver in support of International Overdose Day

Candy the life snatcher

Thando Bam’s life crumbled because of substance abuse.

The 31-year-old-man from Malvern, Johannesburg, is undergoing treatment at Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens, where he is being taught to address the causes of his abuse issues and being empowered to move forward positively once he leaves Wedge Gardens. Continue reading Candy the life snatcher

The darker side of vaping

RandAid React logo(2)Have you heard the term ‘vaping’? Electronic cigarette and personal vaporisers are devices that give an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. While once considered a healthier alternative to cigarettes, there is a darker side to vaping that society needs to be aware of. Continue reading The darker side of vaping