OT sweetens the chances of successful rehab

IMG-20150210-WA0002Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre’s occupational therapists use meaningful activities in order to assess and treat their clients.   “Meaningful activities are those activities which are appropriate to the client’s interests, gender, culture, chronological age, developmental age, roles and needs,” says Laetitia Goosen, the Deputy Manager of Rand Aid Association’s Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre. Continue reading OT sweetens the chances of successful rehab

Claude King Media Productions selects a Z-CARD® for the NCC

nccClaude King Media Productions recently selected a credit card-sized Z-CARD® for its client, the National Consumer Commission (NCC), to utilise as a compact, all-in-one marketing tool to generate awareness around the NCC and what it does. Continue reading Claude King Media Productions selects a Z-CARD® for the NCC

BANKSETA reaches out with a Z-CARD®

!cid_F3FBCC6A-ABAD-47A9-9BFE-4E58654EC8D7@pmediaIndigo New Media, the creator of b2b strategic brand marketing and digital ecosystems that connect and engage individuals, communities, businesses large and small, organisations and cities to build a better future through collaboration, selected a pocket-sized Z-CARD® for its client, the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA), to utilise as a compact Definitive Guide to Workplace Skills Planning (WSP).  Continue reading BANKSETA reaches out with a Z-CARD®

Understanding substance abuse as a result of trauma

Substance abuse and forms of addiction, for the most part, do not occur in a vacuum. This is the view of Bianca Hansen-Hamburger, an intern counselling psychologist at Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre just outside of Johannesburg.  Continue reading Understanding substance abuse as a result of trauma

Woman (76) does first skydive

G0060842Eunice de Jager decided, at the age of 76, to do her first tandem skydive. Her jump took place on April 5 through the Johannesburg Skydiving Club in Carletonville. “It was the most amazing and exhilarating experience ever,” says the resident of Rand Aid Association retirement village Thornhill Manor. She flew from the Panaroma Airfield to the skydiving club in a small plane owned and piloted by her son Theo.

Workshop – living with dementia

DSC_0412 (640x360)On Monday, April 20, Rand Aid Association’s Ron Smith Care Centre hosted a workshop given by Sylvia Birkhead, Senior Occupational Therapist, on what it means to live with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, and how to improve quality of life through daily activities which are meaningful to the individual.  Specific ways to engage with residents using various sensory stimulation methods and materials was discussed. It was noted that everyone is different, and that each person will respond to touch and to certain sights, sounds, tastes and smells depending on what appeals to them and what doesn’t. “But we should always remember that even though it sometimes seems as if the resident does not respond, the person living with dementia is still taking in and absorbing attempts to touch and connect and will feel the love and care being offered,” said Sylvia. This workshop was part of Rand Aid’s ongoing commitment to train staff and volunteers in giving personalised care to residents living with dementia at Ron Smith Care Centre. Volunteers play a huge role at the centre, supplementing the special, regular personal contact that means so much to each person. If you are interested in volunteering at the centre, email Debbie Christen at dchristen@randaid.co.za

DSC_0412 (640x360)

Transcor selects the Flipper as an innovative marketing tool

!cid_0E5556B9-3C8D-4F1C-888C-412848DEF448@pmediaTranscor, the specialised leader in abnormal load transport in Sub-Saharan African, has selected a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Flipper – an all-in-one brochure, like a book, with a pull tag that makes the pages of the card turn over to reveal key information about the company – as innovative corporate brochure and marketing tool to hand out at the Wind Exhibition and to all clearing and forwarding agents. Continue reading Transcor selects the Flipper as an innovative marketing tool