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Happy Chatters and RSCC residents enjoy OT and time together

More members of Thornhill Manor retirement village’s Happy Chatters occupational therapy (OT) group recently got the opportunity to interact and socialise with Ron Smith Care Centre’s (RSCC) residents during their daycare OT activities.

The group members and their caregivers, along with one of the resident’s spouses, enjoyed RSCC’s OT daycare programme, run by RSCC OT Marlé Gräbe, and took part in various activities, including chair exercises.

They then had a lovely walk in Elphin Lodge’s beautiful grounds, down to the lake, where they enjoyed interacting with each other and some delightful snacks. A lovely lunch was enjoyed afterwards at Elphino’s coffee shop.

“These outings are so good for morale overall. Socialising and interaction increase confidence and improve one’s outlook on life, as chemicals are released in the brain that improve mood and happiness,” says Thornhill Manor’s social worker Karen Griessel.

“In addition, moving and stimulating the body strengthens muscles and bones and can improve balance and coordination, which keeps the joints flexible and could decrease the risk of falling,” she adds.

Fostering relationships between its retirement village residents and RSCC forms part of Rand Aid’s pioneering of the Eden Alternative, which ensures that residents not only receive the highest level of physical care but also enjoy a warm, loving and caring environment that ensures their holistic well-being.

RSCC OT Marlé Gräbe pushing RSCC resident Marie Roberts, who turns 101 at the end of August.

Thornhill Manor resident and OT volunteer Vicky Keenan with Val Tyteos and Angela Webster in front of the ‘Old Ducks Crossing’.

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