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Housekeeping teams dedicated to RSCC

Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre (RSCC) is rewarding its housekeeping employees for going above and beyond the call of duty!

“RSCC housekeeper Portia Ngobeni initiated the idea of implementing a Housekeeping Team of the Month award, to honour our housekeeping employees for their hard work and dedication,” says Rand Aid’s senior nursing manager Avril Maltman.

“Congratulations to Nomusa Shabangu and Amanda Ndlovu from River Lodge 1, who were awarded in February, for their commitment and enthusiasm in practising The Eden Alternative philosophy, which revolutionises the way in which Elders are cared for,” she adds.

The Eden Alternative, founded in America by a Harvard-educated physician, teaches us to see places where Elders live as habitats for human beings rather than facilities for the frail and elderly. It sees ageing as a continued stage of development and growth and not as a period of decline.

RSCC pioneered person-centred care by becoming the first organisation in Africa to achieve Milestone 2 on the Eden Alternative Registry, in April 2020.

“Nomusa and Amanda don’t only do a wonderful job with their housekeeping duties, they also reach out to and care for our residents, taking time to talk to them and making them feel at home. This helps to combat one of the biggest challenges of ageing, which is loneliness. Both employees are an integral part of RSCC’s care team,” says Avril.

RSCC housekeepers Nomusa Shabangu and Amanda Ndlovu with Rand Aid’s senior nursing manager Avril Maltman.

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