Step work in recovery: Step 11

Prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry it out.

“The process of enlightenment is usually slow. But in the end, our seeking always brings a finding. These great mysteries are, after all, enshrined in complete simplicity,” says Bill Wilson, a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) which developed the 12-step programme that has helped millions of people around the world to overcome their addictions.

“While working on Step 11, we come to realise that reaching out to a God of our understanding is also simply known as prayer and meditation. This can be one of the most effective means of building a relationship with our higher power,” says Karen Griessel, a social worker at SANCA Wedge Gardens.

“This process enables room for adventure, humility and faith. We have the option to visit every place that has anything to do with spirituality in our community. Some people I know love churches, cathedrals, synagogues and even graveyards. These are places where they feel divinely in tune. Others find that connection in nature, doing something they love, or through volunteering. 

“It is also highly suggested that, as you progress in your recovery, you enhance your life with the abundant number of books and publications concerned with AA, spirituality and personal growth,” says Griessel.

The spiritual principle of Step 11 is spiritual awareness.

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