Step work in recovery: Step 3

In Step 2, people undergoing the 12-Step programme make a decision to turn their will and lives over to the care of God as they understood him, says Karen Griessel, a social worker at SANCA Wedge Gardens.

“This week, we take a look at Step 3.

“Action is now needed after discovering the power greater than ourselves by making a decision to allow someone or something to take care of us, but not enable or control us.

“Making a decision can feel intimidating and overwhelming and if it is not followed up by an action, it is meaningless. Therefore, decisions taken during the recovery journey have to be conscious commitments,” says Karen.

“Those in active addiction acted in self will, being selfish. Like tornadoes, they whirled destruction wherever they went. The opposite is true for this step, where you hand over self will to God, as understood. You now want to stay clean, rather than wanting to use; and want to have a sponsor and go to meetings. The God of our understanding is basically a representation of the spiritual principles of the steps and it is important to have open communication with the higher power and allow all types of feelings in the process, whether good or bad. 

“Furthermore, the spiritual principles of surrendering and willingness are essential in moving through this step, where the hope of the previous step turns to faith which gives strength to continue to the next step.”

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