Survive COVID-19 by trading ethically and valuing customers

Whether or not a business survives the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will have a lot to do with their product offerings and how they treat their customers.

South Africans seem to have taken a firm stand against businesses and brands that did not demonstrate ethical trading or value their customers over the past weeks.

They have rightly lashed out at those who have tried to ride the wave, escalating prices and going back on promises using COVID-19 as an excuse. The financial burden of COVID-19 has simply hit too close to home for the majority of our citizens to take bad service and inferior products lying down.

They are and should be looking carefully at businesses before entering into agreements. Consumers need to look not only at the upfront costs of telecommunications and office automation equipment, but also the ongoing operating costs. They will find that while many businesses are offering cheaper products, they come with hefty monthly maintenance tags.

Many businesses need to up their game and adapt as quickly as they can to this new world if they are to survive. If they don’t, conditions post COVID-19 could prove even more challenging than the lockdown environment.

Yaxxa Western Cape offers quality products and solutions with competitive operating costs, assuring our customers of the best possible deal in the long term.

Our VirtualPBX platform, for example, offers highly-competitive call costs from a secure monitored framework. It is a powerful, comprehensive hosted PBX telephony solution that is affordable, scalable and simple to use.

Yaxxa Western Cape has many solutions to suit your specific needs. We value our customers and have your best interests at heart. Over the next few days, we will take you through our wide range of products that are geared to help your company return to work in a safe and secure manner – both onsite at your office and remotely.

Keep watching Yaxxa Western Cape’s Facebook page for more information. Alternatively, contact Ricky de Oliveira at 021 207 3300 to have an open discussion about how we can assist you during these difficult times.

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