Yaxxa Western Cape: One provider, multiple solutions

Yaxxa launched in the Western Cape in April 2020, offering a variety of voice and data solutions, from voice-over-IP and hosted cloud solutions to MPLS/SDWAN network services, as well as a range of solutions to assist customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Headed by sales director Ricky de Oliveira and operations director Duncan James, who have a collective 38 years’ experience in the office automation industry, Yaxxa Western Cape offers access to high-quality converged voice and data solutions – developed, managed and controlled by Yaxxa.

As a major player in the South African business telecommunications market, Yaxxa partners only with the best upstream providers. “We assist our customers to create unified communications solutions that are designed to meet their specific business needs,” said De Oliveira.

Yaxxa Western Cape’s business solutions include office automation, Internet-of-things (IoT) products, video conferencing, software integrations, CCTV and access control, cybersecurity, auto sanitising stations, and a range of thermometer-type scanners, to name a few.

Cloud PBX and LTE office phone

Yaxxa Western Cape’s cloud-based communication solution offers numerous advantages, including little to no initial investment and no subscription to separate phone lines. It’s also quick and easy to setup and enables clients to take office calls anywhere.

“The Web-based management functionality enables clients to edit user extensions, manage features and view call logs. It’s also completely scalable, modular and customisable to meet our clients’ requirements,” said De Oliveira.

Employees in remote locations can be easily connected to the system, by simply plugging in phones or softphones, and the solution’s mobile apps and failover call forwarding allow customers to take calls on a cellphone.

“Loss of Internet, power or other catastrophic events at our clients’ premises will have minimal effect on their business operations, as calls still go to voicemail or mobile phones,” De Oliveira said.

The company’s hosted phone systems are fully managed, backed up and maintained in its secure data centre, and are ideal for any small to medium-sized businesses.

Unified communications

Yaxxa’s Unified Communications application allows clients to stay connected with colleagues and friends, both in and out of the office, thus simplifying and enhancing day-to-day communication and collaboration.

It includes everything you need, from IP phone integration to messaging, conferencing, CRM access, faxing, file transfer functionality and more.

“All features are neatly packaged into a single elegant desktop application, offering a great user experience on all major desktop platforms,” said De Oliveira.

Yaxxa’s mobile app is offered in Office, Agent and Supervisor Editions, each supporting specific features that maximise efficiency and productivity.

Connectivity and IoT systems

“Having developed its own voice and data and LTE APN platforms, Yaxxa has the knowledge and experience needed to provide its clients with a wide array of connectivity solutions, from fibre and LTE (APN) to microwave and ADSL,” said De Oliveira.

Its IoT systems consist of devices that “talk” to the cloud, through its connectivity solutions. Once the data is in the cloud, it is processed by software that enables it to perform a specific action – such as sending an alert or automatically adjusting a device – without the need for a user.

“This saves our clients time, ultimately saving them money. The main goal of our IoT products is to drive cost and operational efficiencies, along with improved customer experiences,” said De Oliveira.

In the business environment, Yaxxa’s IoT solutions can automate tasks; speed up business processes; deliver real-time data for improved decision-making; improve visibility and control over corporate assets, such as machines or vehicles; and enable a better customer experience and new ways to engage and transact.

Yaxxa Care

The Yaxxa Care range, introduced to assist customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, includes walk-through auto sanitising stations; a range of thermometer-type scanners; and Y-Trac, which allows managers to track their remote employees’ productivity levels.

“Our main purpose is to get people back to work safely and efficiently, to kick-start the economy. Our products and solutions will assist with Covid-19 and beyond,” said De Oliveira.

“Yaxxa is proud and excited to have extended our footprint to the Western Cape,” said Yaxxa Group CEO Heinz Vollmer.

“Our unique solutions are built on an in-depth understanding of who our clients are, what they do and what they need. After all, our clients’ success is our success,” he said.

For more information, contact Yaxxa Western Cape on 021 207 3300 or 083 627 3366; e-mail ricardo@yaxxa.co.za; or visit our Facebook page @YaxxaWesternCape.

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