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OT plays a vital role in substance use recovery

SANCA Wedge Gardens substance use treatment centre’s clients continue to benefit from occupational therapy (OT) as part of their recovery process.

“OT makes a significant difference during the recovery process, as it includes various practical activities, interactions and discussions around various topics.

“Our clients are changing their lives by confronting their past and building new skills to develop meaningful futures. They are true heroes,” says Caryn Berman, SANCA Wedge Gardens’ occupational therapist.

The treatment centre recently celebrated Mother’s and Father’s Day and used the opportunity for its clients to identify heroes in their lives – those people in whose footsteps they would like to follow. Each client wrote down who their hero is and why.

“Mothers were a recurring theme and, in many cases, parents are role models. To celebrate the special women in their lives, we made delicious chocolates and beautiful beadwork and wooden crafts for them,” says Caryn.

Youth Day was celebrated by discussing various aspects of youth, including advice our clients would give to their younger selves and what can be learnt from today’s youth.

“While many of our younger clients were not aware of the significance of Youth Day, our older clients shared some valuable and interesting stories with the group,” says Caryn.

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