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RSCC bids farewell to Hilda

Rand Aid senior nursing manager Avril Maltman with Hilda Mabaso.

Ron Smith Care Centre (RSCC) bid a fond farewell to Elphin Lodge and RSCC housekeeping supervisor Hilda Mabaso on 28 January.

Hilda joined Rand Aid Association 12 years ago, and has been responsible for housekeeping at Elphin Lodge and RSCC ever since.

RSCC’s housekeeping, kitchen and management staff gathered at the RSCC Woodlands lapa and garden area to honour Hilda for her contribution to the care centre and its residents over the years.

“In her time at RSCC, Hilda formed many good relationships and had a positive impact on residents and staff alike. It was clear that the housekeeping staff, under her supervision and care, have a lot of love and respect for her and will miss her so much,” says Rand Aid’s senior nursing manager Avril Maltman.

In her farewell speech, Hilda thanked God for the gift of life and for giving her the opportunity to be part of Rand Aid’s family. She also thanked management for caring for her physical health and well-being and for the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Hilda was very happy when Rand Aid introduced the Eden Alternative to the care centre and, once it was put in place, she had a real sense of family and belonging. After attending the Open Hearts, Open Minds workshop, Hilda says she realised why she was here and felt a new sense of purpose. 

Hilda was especially pleased to be able to participate and get involved in RSCC’s resident activities programme and says she is grateful for all of the opportunities for growth and self- development.

One of the highlights of her time at RSCC is when she was cast as the character of ‘Scrooge’ in the care centre’s musical version of the Charles Dicken’s play ‘A Christmas Carol’. She says this brought to light her hidden talents and love of music, dancing and acting which, in turn, brought joy and laughter to residents and staff. She is grateful that her abilities were discovered, nurtured, encouraged and developed.

The day after her retirement party, Hilda was right back to doing what she loves best –helping others and bringing smiles to faces while working with a catering team to provide food for a church outreach programme. 

Her plans for the future include a possible trip to see the Victoria Falls, and a whole lot of ‘chilling’.

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