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Pam wins R45 000 Joker’s Jackpot

Rand Aid Elphin Lodge retirement village resident Pam Warman recently won the village’s R45 000 Joker Jackpot!

The Joker’s Jackpot is an Elphin Lodge Residents’ Committee fundraising event that takes place once a month, says Elphin Lodge manager Helen Petrie.

In the Joker’s Jackpot, 54 playing cards are placed face down on a locked display board. There are two jokers. Residents pay R10 for three tickets.

A draw – with a main prize of R1 000 and a chance to turn over one of the cards on the board, and two consolation prizes – is held each month.

“If the main ticket holder is present, they can turn over any card on the board – if it’s a joker they win the jackpot – if not, the prize money rolls over,” explains Helen.

If the ticket holder is not present at the draw, the first available facedown card – top row, left to right – is turned over on their behalf. If it’s the joker, they still win the prize.

The draws continue every month, until both jokers have been found. If there is no winner, the jackpot grows.

The pot was limited to R40 000 for a number of months and a January bonus of R5 000 was added to start the year with a bang, says Helen.

The game started in October 2017, with the first joker turned over at the 10th draw by by the late Kurt Korneau, who won R15 000.

A new game will begin in February 2022.

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